The Voice is about to start up again on Channel Nine in less than a weeks time and we’re super excited about it because the ads show some seriously talented singers on the way.

But of course we have a lot of questions, mostly relating to how on earth are they supposed to finish filming during this time?

The singing competition has already filmed parts of the show like the blind auditions but the live elements of course can’t be pre-recorded.

While it’s possible for the show to go ahead without a live studio audience and while maintaining social distancing between all cast and crew amid the coronavirus pandemic, the big question surrounding the coaches remains. And that is because two out of the four judges live internationally!

There’s currently a ban on all international travel here in Australia, and so it’s unknown how The Voice will go ahead with Boy George stuck in the UK and Kelly Rowland living over in America.

But it sounds like the producers may have a loose plan in place to make it work!


Boy George joined the Kyle and Jackie O Show when of course we asked how filming will continue.

He told us that in all honesty he doesn’t know the answer for certain yet, but that he thinks they may introduce some sort of shared coaching system.

“The Rona’s here and no one can fly in or out or go anywhere. Half The Voice is filmed and the rest is yet to be filmed, so I don’t know how they’re going to do this show,” Kyle said to Boy George.

“I would love to tell you that I know how we’re going to do it but unfortunately I think we’re still working it out,” he told us.

“We are finishing it, we’re going to film some stuff in London and hopefully nothing will break and it will just be what it is now.”


Boy George said that it’s hard to put a solid plan in place when we don’t really know what will be happening in the world each day amid the pandemic, but he told us that it’s possible we’ll see some new coaches added into the mix so that the contestants have a coach to work with in person.

“At the moment what we’re doing is we’re planning to film some stuff in London and I think I’m going to share coaching duties with some new people in Australia,” he continued.

“We’re going to make it work.”

Another thing that will be different this season now that the coaches won’t all be in the one room is the amount of “bitching” and trash talking that usually goes down between them.

“I think what will be difficult is kind of bitching long distance,” Boy George laughed. “I think we’ll probably have to be quite nice given the mood of the times.”

There will also be a new element added into the competition this year called a block, which will see coaches able to block a singer from joining another coaches team.


Fellow judge Kelly Rowland told Kyle and Jackie O that the blocking feature adds an extra competitive element between the judges.

She told us that you get three blocks each and it’s all anonymous so you don’t know which person blocked you.

Looks like this season of The Voice is certainly going to be one for the history books! It all kicks off Sunday on Channel Nine at 7PM!

Hear more from our chat with Boy George and Kelly Rowland in the podcast below!

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