Brandi Jackson is the niece of Michael Jackson, and was in a relationship with one of his accusers from the Leaving Neverland documentary for close to a decade.

Brandi spoke exclusively to Jodie and Soda on Tuesday morning, telling them she believes her uncle is entirely innocent of the horrific sexual abuse he is being accused of.

Brandi told Jodie and Soda she begun a relationship with Wade Robson when they were very young – 9 or 10 years old – having worked together on Michael’s incredible ‘Black Or White’ music video.

She says their relationship continued for close to ten years, throughout the time that Michael has been accused of being abusive of Wade.

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Brandi begun the interview recounting the time Michael arranged a meeting for Brandi and Wade after Wade had requested they get to know each other better.

She said they had a “very age appropriate” relationship, only becoming intimate as they got older.


“It was something like a puppy love relationship that grew over the years,” Brandi said.

“I have to tell you we had a very, very normal relationship. He was very understanding of me not wanting to have sex at a young age and wanting until an appropriate time and I appreciated that from Wade.

She said there were “no signs whatsoever” that Michael abused Wade as he claimed in the documentary which aired in Australia on Channel 10 on Friday and Saturday nights.

She said she could tell that Wade was lying in the documentary.

“When you know someone for so long you really get to know everything about them, they way they lie and the way they tell the truth, it’s easy to pick up on them,” she said.

Wade had testified under oath that Michael had never abused him in any way but told a very different story in the documentary – that has also come on the back of a $1.5billion civil lawsuit for damages he suffered.


Brandi suspects Wade’s decision to change his story came when he went through a personal breakdown.

“I think that Wade went through a hard time and he vocalised that around 2013, he was very vocal about his breakdown, his depression, and his difficulty with work,” she said.

“A lot of people go through that but in the entertainment industry when you are unable to figure out your next move it’s a hard thing to face and I think he just became a little desperate and started grasping.”

She said she believed “100%” that his decision to claim huge civil lawsuit related to Wade missing out on being part of a Michael Jackson production called ‘One’ in 2011.

“How do you go from defending someone in two different trials, defending him wholeheartedly under oath, having nothing but positive things to say about him even at his death to then all of a sudden saying you didn’t remember these things happening or you didn’t understand that they were bad.

“He’s an egocentric sort of person, very narcissistic, very persistent, so in some ways it’s a good quality but in some ways it can be detrimental to himself or others and that’s really who he is.


“The other thing is I’ve never seen him apologise or be sorry for anything.”

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