Finally, the full trailer for Brooke’s highly anticipated season of The Bachelorette has dropped!

We’re SO excited for the world’s first bisexual season where Brooke will find love amongst both men and women.

There’s A LOT to love about the teaser… the girls, the guys, BROOKE, the outfits, BROOKE, the drama… BROOKE!

Every shot of her gets more and more beautiful, whoever’s dressing her this season needs a pay rise.

I just can’t wait to actually watch interesting people on our screens for the first time in a long time, like look at these two?!

The wig, the boots, the colours, the facial gemstones.

This one screenshot is already 10000x more fun and exciting than the entire season of the blonde sisters.


However, it looks like what we all feared may have come to pass.

With the mix of genders and sexualities, Brooke knew there was a chance that the contestants could develop an attraction to each other and it looks like a pair of them do!

Watch the trailer below!