Adelaide residents are again rallying around the Buffalo at Glenelg but this time the historic icon’s fate appears fatal.

News came through on Wednesday that the REPLICA OF THE  180-year-old Buffalo, that brought the first European settlers to Glenelg, would be demolished next month because it was falling apart.

For many Adelaideans the Buffalo had been a special place to go for a meal but it stopped being a restaurant in 2013.

It had been set for demolition in 2014 before it was sold to Troy DeYoung for $1. There were plans to save it and spend $1m upgrading it but they have now been scrapped.

But hundreds of comments all over the internet from Adelaideans are asking for more to be done.

“I would have rather seen money spent on keeping this open, AND improved, a great local spot and tourist attraction, instead of that rotting hull wasting away in the port,” wrote Ronald Brown

“It has a historical value that can’t be matched with anything close by 😔,” lamented Brienna Land


The top comment on The Advertiser Facebook page was from Henry Sloniec, calling for people to get together and save the icon.

“O no, more of Adelaide’s history being discarded. The govt, business & descendants of the travellers get together to save the icon!!!!,” wrote Henry.

Others saw it as typical of the changes going on in South Australia in recent times.

“Typical of Sth Australia, demolish beautiful old Homes for rubbish boxes by the hundreds. Demolish anything that might remind us of our history. Surely something useful could be done with the Buffalo, need not be a Restaurant, we have plenty of those,” wrote Dianne Noble.

But some saw it the other way, and can’t wait for it to disappear.

“About bloody time. Absolute eyesore,” wrote Hammer Sim.


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