Following a stellar 1.2 million ratings boost for Channel 7, Hey Hey It’s Saturday may be returning!

Seven CEO James Warburton this week told Mediaweek that “We will look at doing a part two and there might be some content for 7plus too.”

While the Hey Hey It’s 50 Years special attracted older viewers, it managed to bring in 400,000 viewers aged between 24 and 54.

Seven’s director of network programming Angus Ross added: “It was an amazing result for Daryl and the team and they should be really proud of generating a massive result like that on a Sunday night with very heavy traffic.”

Viewers took to social media to urge the network to bring the show back, with one person saying: “Reliving my childhood then adolescence then early adulthood. Hey hey it’s 50 years so many memories so much fun some scripted some gone wrong. Early morning Sat before sport then must watch before heading out to the pub on Saturday early evenings.”

Another added, “How much am I enjoying the Hey Hey It’s Saturday 50 year reunion on telly tonight!!! Bring it back!!!!”

Would you like to see the show return permanently?