Jodie and Soda are on to their final sound in the $60,000 Secret Sound after Hannah from Blakeview won $10,000 by correctly guessing the first sound on Monday 21 January and Anne from Seaford won $25,000 guessing the second sound.

Now we’re onto a third sound, and this time the winner will receive $25,000, a brand new Holden Astra from City Holden and a stack of tickets to the best concerts in Adelaide!

Be listening to Mix 102.3 for the sound, and check all the incorrect guesses here.

CURRENT SECRET SOUND CLUES ($25,000 cash and City holden astra)

New clues currently happening every day via the Skill Tester machine!

Monday 1 April: ‘You spin me right round’


Tuesday 2 April: ‘I’m found in the supermarket (not in the fridge section)’

Wednesday 3 April: ‘Clockwise’ AND ‘340 Grams’

Earlier, Jodie and Soda were put under a lie detector to answer the below questions from our FOTS about the Secret Sound on Monday 25 March 2091.

BEV: Do you make the sound?
JODIE: Do I personally make the sound? No. It’s not something that I use, put it that way

BEV: Can you buy this thing that makes the sound?


BEV: How much does it cost?
JODIE: Over $2 but you wouldn’t pay more than $10 for it* 
Gavin, our polygraph examiner, said that question bothered Jodie a bit.

BEV: How big is the thing making the sound?
JODIE: I would say it’s smaller than a shoebox

BEV: Where would you likely hear this sound?
JODIE: You would hear it at home


BEV: Is it something I can hold in my hand?

BEV: How often would someone use it?
JODIE: That depends if it is to your liking.

BEV: When was the last time you used it?
JODIE: Not since I was a child.


BEV: Do you have it at home?
JODIE: No I do not.

JAMIE: Does a specific colour associate with this item?

JAMIE: How come there are a few parts to this sound?
SODA: Because there are a number of actions you have to do to make the sound



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