Since we first met Cooper last week, nearly all of Adelaide has thrown their support behind the courageous young man.

For those who haven’t been following his story, Cooper was born with a bone missing in his left leg, a condition which as led to various complications and pain, especially over the last few years.

Following unsuccessful leg-lengthening surgery, Cooper was faced with a huge decision, either embark on more painful surgery with no guarantee of success or choose to have the leg amputated.

Cooper’s dad Matt joined Jodie and Soda from the hospital this morning to give us the update we’ve all been waiting to hear.

“He’s up and about and the spirits are quite high, so that’s good,” Matt told Jodie and Soda.

“The outcome was really good and everything went to plan.

“One of the reassuring things that did come out of it was that we did find out after surgery that the knee wasn’t in the greatest of shape. So it sounds like the right decision was made.”


Matt’s staying at the hospital with Cooper for the time being, and says that any chance to spend time together is always nice.

Matt also mentioned that the messages of support for Cooper have not gone unnoticed.

“You know, there’s kids throughout this whole hospital that are going through so much and they’re all inspiring in their own way. But the support side of it is just phenomenal.”

Listen to the full update from Matt here:

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