Do you ever ask yourself the question: “when will I grow up?”

You know, like actually become a mature adult. Woody often asks this, because he still feels like a big kid. Not that he necessarily has any qualms with that, mind you. He’ll grow up when he’s good and ready. But how will he know when he’s ready? Well, there’s a particular quote that he read to us other other day:

“The onset of maturity is marked by one definite sign: a moment of sudden realisation that the future has turned into the present.”

That’s some pretty profound stuff Woods! Anyway, to celebrate his 30th Birthday, we decided to celebrate the fact that he is still just a big kid. So we planted a number of tests around the office, and set up a few hidden GoPros to capture the action. What happened next was… well… you’ll just have to see it to believe it!

WATCH the video and work out whether you’d be able to pass the ‘Big Kid Test’.

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