Tom Lynch has been part of Jodie and Soda’s Mix102.3 breakfast show for so long but things have never been frostier than when he walked in this morning.

Tom had been in the supermarket last night when Jodie’s SCATHING promo came blaring out across the supermarket aisles.

“Well Soda, Tom Lynch our boy from the Crows will be on the show to talk about his monumental stuff up that cost the Crows the game against the Lions, and probably a finals berth and the granny I reckon.

Tom said his six-year-old son reacted particularly badly when it came on in the supermarket.

“My son Kobe is crying up and down the aisles and people are asking ‘what are you crying for’ and he said ‘Dad’s cost them’.”

it was looking like there might be irreparable damage when Tom started the interview by even refusing to mention Jodie’s name. Watch how it unfolded in the video above.

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