It should’ve been a sweet father-daughter moment, but some people have slammed David Beckham for something he’s done with his 8-year-old daughter Harper.

Yesterday the former pro football player posted a number of pictures to his Instagram account of him and his daughter at an outdoor ice skating rink.

The image that saw a bit of controversy was the cover photo that showed Harper kissing her dad on the lips.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Thanks to @nhm_icerink for looking after us today,” he wrote in the caption.

The post brought in a mix of responses, with some people commenting on how beautiful the images were.


“The sweetest!,” wrote NFL player Tom Brady.

“Cute!” wrote another fan, while someone else called it “adorable”.

“So beautiful pal. My daughter kisses me on lips but because I”m not a celeb I’m not scrutinised like you,” said another.

But others didn’t find the moment so sweet, saying that it was wrong for David to be kissing his daughter on the lips at this age.

“Um… I don’t think that’s how you should kiss you daughter (sic),” wrote one critic.

“Shame on your behaviour with your daughter,” another said.


Beckham has been called out for kissing his daughter on the lips in the past, with Piers Morgan calling him “creepy” at the time.

“Why would a father kiss his daughter on the lips? Don’t get it. Creepy. Weird. Creepy,” the Good Morning Britain host said at the time.

What do you think? Is it okay to kiss your children on the lips?

Jackie thinks it’s perfectly normal! In fact, she revealed on the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning that her daughter Kitty kisses her on the lips and she actually still kisses her own father on the lips.

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