The new Princess Diana musical has been slammed by critics and viewers alike for its “awful” song lyrics and “over the top” production.

The musical – which follows the love triangle between Diana, Prince Charles and Camilla – was due to premiere on Broadway in 2020 but was delayed due to the pandemic.

However, a filmed version of the production has premiered on Netflix causing a stir online.

Multiple publications have given the musical one-star reviews, with many mocking the show’s “ridiculous” lyrics which includes a paparazzi sing “better than a Guinness, better than a w**k/snap a few pics, it’s money in the bank”.

The show – which was created by Joe DiPietro and David Bryan (Bon Jovi’s keyboardist) – stars Jeanna de Waal as Princess Diana, Roe Hartrampf as Prince Charles, Judy Kaye as the Queen, and Erin Davie as Camilla Parker Bowles.

At one point Diana sings how she “wishes Charles was Elton John” before adding: “Alright, I’m no intellect/but maybe there’s a discotheque/where the prince could hear Prince and we’d all get Funkadellic”.


Later, she sings to her infant son: ‘​”Harry my ginger-haired son / You’ll always be second to none.” Meanwhile, Prince Charles sings, “Darling, I’m holding our son / So let me say, jolly well done.”

Another part of the musical sees a man dying of AIDS singing to Diana, “I may be unwell, but I’m handsome as hell”.

MailOnline’s Dan Wootton has blasted the musical, writing: “Diana: The Musical is the most offensive and degrading portrayal of the late Princess of Wales in fiction since her death in 1997 – and in terms of accuracy it makes that other historically-derided Netflix series The Crown look like a royal encyclopaedia of truth.”

He added, “The lies about Di’s life are egregious – from suggesting she used HIV patients for publicity to attacking Margaret Thatcher for her politics.”

Viewers have echoed such criticism with many slamming the show’s “offensive songs” particularly one lyric: “it’s a thrilla in Manila with Diana and Camilla.”


What do you think? Have you seen it yet?

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