‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ viewers were left shocked after one of the farmers sent his entire group of women home.

40-year-old Rob Campbell made the tough decision during last night’s episode of the reality program, explaining that he had failed to make a “lightning bolt connection” with any of them.

“This morning a lot of thoughts were running through my head, thinking about the girls and whether there is potential for a future with any of them,” the father-of-two said.

“Unfortunately, you just can’t manufacture love and if there is not that spark there is nothing to build on.”

After inviting the remaining women – Meg, Kate and Luce – to the kitchen, he explained to them: “I don’t know if there’s… if I am feeling that lightning bolt connection with any of you, because I do respect you so much I don’t want to have you hanging around and you all have lives to get back to, children, jobs.


“It’s a very hard decision to make but I think it is probably best if you head home.”

However, Rob has vowed not to give up on finding love.

“Life goes on and I’ll keep looking for love, it didn’t happen with those five ladies but it’s just a matter of being positive and putting yourself out there”.

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