Father Chris Williams describes to Jodie & Soda the moment his 15-year-old girl has survived a terrifying encounter with a five-metre shark, which knocked her into the water in front of her family off the coast of Normanville, south of Adelaide.

“She was just squiding and drifted away from us…with no warning this shark has hit the Kayak from underneath  the shark has grabbed the end of the Kayak and is attacking it”

 “The look on her face and the scream that came out is something you never want to hear from your daughter…your baby”

The shark circled and hit the kayak several times but Mr Williams rushed to his daughter’s aid, pulling her out of the water with the help of his son Mitchell. 

“I just said to Mitch get on your knees and just drag her in and he grabbed her and dragged her own the shark and into the boat” 

Chris says his daughter was in a state of shock but escaped with only scratches and bruising but he doesn’t know how she will not cope without her mobile phone which now lies at the bottom of the ocean. 

“She’s had her Megaboom speaker and her bloody iPhone out there fishing, cruising along having a good time she’s not worried about my fishing rod… having a 15-year-old in your house without an iPhone…”