“You can just drop me on the left, thanks Spot.”

Thankfully our pets haven’t learnt to drive and won’t be driving us around. But they will be getting the luxury treatment with the first pet taxi in Adelaide.

PetCloud is the new pet taxi service that offers solo rides (with or without their owner) to the vet, grooming appointments or even the beach!

With an Uber-style app, the service is super easy to navigate allowing those without a car or unable to drive to transport their furry friends to needed appointments.

You are able to book a taxi on demand or 72 hours in advance with a bookings costing from $25-$50. With a GPS tracker you can watch your pet’s entire trop with real-time location and ETA.


PetCloud founder Deb Morrison said in The Advertiser:

“We believe this will be a service that will accelerate a lot of vet clinics and groomers, because basically it stops no shows and cancellations as pets are no longer dependent on pet owners being available to be picked up and dropped off,” she said.

“Pet owners need to have their dogs in a dog body harness and a leash attached on pick-up and then for cat owners their cats need to be in a cat carrier on pick-up,”

“All pet taxi drivers have a pet car tether, that basically attaches to the car’s seat belt, and then the pet car tether clips on to body harness or cat carrier and they are placed on to the back seat of the car.”

For more information about the pet taxi service head to their website here.

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