On first inspection from looking at both Delta Goodrem and Mix 102.3’s own Mark Soderstrom, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the two don’t have all that much in common.

However, chatting with Jodie and Soda this morning, it became apparent that the two share at least one common trait.

They both love getting around with bare feet!

Delta joined Jodie and Soda to chat about the new season of The Voice, although things quickly veered off-track when Jodie brought up Delta’s barefoot piano habit.

Jodie noticed that in Delta’s recent Instagram videos that she would play sans-shoes.

“Unfortunately, you’ve got something in common with Soda, because he gets around like, in public without shoes,” Jodie told Delta.


“I’ve got photos of him picking up his kids without shoes. Now, there’s a fine line between looking beautiful at a piano and and being feral, isn’t there?”

However, Delta stood firm with Soda, telling Jodie “There is a difference between feral and being at a piano, but at the same time, you know, each to their own. Whatever feels good for you.”

“I mean, Delta, it’s nice to be connected to the earth and not having a sole between you and the earth, you know?” Soda added in his defence.

Listen to the full interview with Delta Goodrem here: