Former model Tziporah Malkah has launched a tirade against ‘greenie’ people for protesting controlled backburning efforts as fires rage across Australia.

The 46-year-old appeared to be very angry and teary-eyed in the video posted on Youtube.

In the video, she says “As we know, the bushland that we live in requires fire. “However, the Greens and all the greenie people have forced us to not do fire control by getting out the underbrush and whatsoever … Doing burn-offs.”

“I hope that we learn from this. It’s a terrible, terrible, terrible way to learn. But we need to get out sh*t together, Australia.

“Stop it. Stop it. Stop being so stupid!” she yelled.

Malkah was formerly known as Kate Fischer went on to apologise for “politicising” and prayed to God to help the animals because “people are f**ked up”.

NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro also previously pointed the finger at the Greens.


“We’ve got to do better and I know that we don’t do enough hazard reduction … because of the ideological position (of) the Greens,” Barilaro said.