Not often does a rogue dog invade a Prime Minister’s media conference, but today it happened, and we couldn’t be prouder. 

A golden retriever just casually crashed Scott Morrison’s press conference in the Sydney suburb of Bronte.

Reporters listening to Scott Morrison were temporarily distracted by a four-legged constituent who confidently took the spotlight from the Prime Minister.

The canine made its special appearance in the middle of a media circle as Morrison encouraged Wentworth locals to vote Liberal as they head to the polls for the by-election.

While there was an actual dog at the media conference, Morrison referred to Liberal candidate Dave Sharma as the “underdog” of the race. The pup, obviously impressed by its efforts as “top dog” in this circumstance, trotted off, clearly uninterested in the Prime Minister.

Following the Golden Retriever’s eventful entrance and graceful exit, Twitter went crazy, praising the canine’s poise and confidence. 


We guess it’s safe to say that we’ve finally found a candidate we can trust! You’ve got our vote, doggo.

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