One of our favourite days of the year is Cake Night, where Hamish Blake attempts to complete the impossible – a crazy, out-of-this-world cake for his son, Sonny, and the best part is we all get to watch the debacle unfold all night.

This is the 5th year Hamish has undergone the grueling task of Cake Night. In previous years we’ve seen the Cave Of Wonders from Aladdin, which actually glowed, Dinocake, complete with a thrashing dinosaur tail and 80% made of Lego, and a six-layer slimmer cake that spewed green slime.

Source: IG @hamishblakeshotz

Source: IG @hamishblakeshotz

Hamish’s cakes are no joke. This is an all-nighter, all-guns-blazing event and we are so excited for what he will be whipping up tonight.

Hamish shared a silent video on his Instagram this morning of Sonny whispering in his ear.
The post says, “This year the client has really gone to town in the scope of works. It’s a Pikachu. He’s coming out of a Pokeball (that’s a Pokémon thing, not a bowl of brown rice and salmon and cabbage).”

“There is jelly in the Pokeball. There is smoke. It goes “pfffft” when it opens. Pikachu has his hand up for a high five.”



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You can tune in to watch the night unfold, and the bottle of tequila slowly disappear, from 7pm…by 7pm Hamish means 8/8:30pm on Hamish’s IG Stories.

Happy caking Hamish! We wish you the best.

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