What is Meghan Markle’s secret? The world has been left in awe after a phot of the royal at 16 was unearthed and to be honest, she hasn’t aged a day.

The Duchess, now 38, looks just as stunning as she did in the picture below of herself at 16 posing with her high school boyfriend, Luis Segura.

According to the The Sun, the image, which was taken at her high school 1997 dance in 1997, show off her sleek nineties style complemented but her trendy up-do and choker.

The post caption reads, “16 year old Meghan Markle [poses] with her first boyfriend Luis Segura at a high school Christmas dance in 1997”.

With 63,000 ‘likes’ and counting, majority of social media users were shocked at how the Duchess appears to have not aged since this photo!


One fan wrote, “You could have told me that was taken last year and I’d wholeheartedly believe you.”

Another commented, “She still looks the same, good genes.”

“Princess Meghan was a gorgeous teenager”, another fan gushed.

What is your secret, Meghan? Spill!

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