We’ve all heard Guy Sebastian’s amazing voice by now, but have you heard his brother Chris singing?

We’re told that it’s equally amazing, and it’s featured on the upcoming season of The Voice.

Guy joined Jodie and Soda this morning to chat about just how well his brother did in Guy’s direct shadow on The Voice.

“He absolutely nails it,” Guy told Jodie and Soda.

“I’ve always just championed him and love him, so I know how nervous he was to do this.”

Listen to Jodie and Soda’s chat with Guy Sebastian here:

But, despite killing it, he says that following in his brother’s footsteps hasn’t always been easy for Chris.


“It’s not easy when you’re a younger brother and everyone’s going to compare you or make comments,” Guy explains.

“And we’ve had moments where we’ve both been in tears because I’ve seen how much it’s upset Chris.

“Like, he might upload something and someone might say something in comparison but he’s just been running his own race and just doing his own thing.”

As for Chris’s performance on The Voice it was, by all accounts, overwhelming.

“I was a mess. I was crying and it just got real weird,” Guy admits.

Obviously, he’s my brother but people will see he’s just such a great singer and I’m so proud of him because I know how scared he was to do this and be up for judgment and all that sort of stuff.


“But he’s killing it. He’s representing Adelaide well.”

The new season of The Voice kicks off this Sunday night at 7pm on Nine.

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