Parent are being urged to send their kids to school when term 2 kicks off next week, however, many parents are still wondering what’s best to do.

SA’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr Nicola Spurrier yesterday sent an open letter to parents saying that there is “no need to close schools.”

And while the chance of your child getting the virus is statistically very low, some teachers still have their concerns.

Jodie and Soda spoke with Lara Golding, SA’s President of the Australian Education Union, who’s also a high school maths and science teacher about how teachers feel about the situation.

“What we’re concerned about is that social distancing cannot occur in crowded classrooms,” Ms Golding told Jodie and Soda.

Take a listen to the full chat with Lara Golding here:

“So our Chief Public Health Officer on Tuesday said that 1.5 metre of social distancing does apply in schools, and we know that that can’t be occurring in a classroom full of kids.


“If we have smaller numbers then we might be able to keep them apart. Our concern is that if everyone sends their kids, then we won’t be able to keep them apart.

“I think about the classrooms that I’ve taught and you know, when I’ve got 25, 30 kids in a class, usually the kids are sitting very close to each other. And you know what kids are like, they just love to play.”

However, Lara did concede that the situation isn’t as definite as some might think.

“I’m not going to say it’s easy to keep them at home. But I think parents out there are feeling the joy of having your kids around all the time, but the reality is that at this point in time I won’t be sending my kids back to school.

“It’s not easy, but we’ll be doing what we can to supervise their learning at home. Certainly these are challenging times.”

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