Will & Woody’s World cup celebrations are an absolute carnival!

Unfortunately, the boys couldn’t make it to Russia for the FIFA World Cup. However, they weren’t going to let this ruin their fun! 

To celebrate Australia’s World Cup campaign in Russia, the boys have come up with a heap of crazy ideas to celebrate each Aussie fixture. The first of those was against France last week. This week they have launched into celebrations for the Denmark game with a MASSIVE announcement. Watch above to find out! And keep reading below to catch up on the French-related shenanigans they got up to!

1. Snailing
As well all know, the French love eating snails. Or ‘Escargot’ as they like to call it. So, thinking outside the box, the boys took to the streets dressed as old people. The idea? To slow down as many people as possible. Please enjoy Will & Woody’s Snailing: 


2. Snail Trailing

Again playing on the snail angle, this one got a little weird. So below the before and after photos, of Will & Woody wearing each other’s snail trails as monobrows. Outrageous behaviour…

3. French Kissing
Live on air and across social media, the boys decided to play a little game. Named after the French President Emmanuel Macron, it was call Oh-man-you-will Mack-on. It was simple really, listeners call up and crack jokes, and if Will & Woody laugh… they have to mack on! FULL French kiss.

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