With her season over for 2020, Erin Phillips has decided that she wants Friends of the Show to have all of her Adelaide Crows AFLW official gear.

As AFL House passed down their decision to axe the final two rounds of AFLW, Erin Phillips started feeling the disappointment of missing out.

Erin told Soda that she felt “shattered” by the news that the Adelaide Crows’ season would be ending without finals after winning the flag in 2019.

“Personally, I feel like, you know, I feel massive failure that I’ve let the team down. I’m a harsh critic on myself. I feel like I could have performed much better in the two games that I did play.”

But, not one to dwell on the negatives for too long, Erin decided that the best way to remedy the bad news is by giving all of her stuff away.

All of the stuff in her locker, that is.

That’s all of Erin’s official Adelaide Crows AFLW training gear, boots, socks, everything, going straight into the hands of friends of the show.


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And what’s up for grabs from Erin’s locker?

“Some training singlets, shorts, game shorts, boots, socks, mouth guard…but I’ll keep that.”

Erin even pledged to personally sign everything: “even if you want socks signed, I’ll sign it.”

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