It’s the show that took Australia by storm during it’s first season last year, starring our very own Jackie O as one of the celebrity judges.

And while The Masked Singer was quick to get the green light for a second season following this success, these plans were just as quickly put on hold as the coronavirus pandemic took over.

Filming of the show had to be postponed as social distancing restrictions were put in place, and like many other tv shows and movies it wasn’t clear when it would be able to start again.

That is until now! Jackie O revealed on the Kyle and Jackie O show that she’s finally been informed of The Masked Singer’s filming and airing dates. But she’s NOT happy about it!

In fact, in a moment that shocked Kyle to his very core, Jackie swore live on air!

“Then yesterday I get my Masked Singer air dates and I’m f*cked,” Jackie shouted.


“What?! Jesus! Hey, hey, hey! You know we’re on right?” Kyle exclaimed in response. Lucky we’ve got a censor who managed to beep the moment just in time but damn, none of us were expecting that! It’s very un-Jackie-like behaviour!

“Sorry!” Jackie laughed.

Turns out filming for The Masked Singer is going to start up far sooner than Jackie was anticipating, and well, she reckons she’s screwed because she’s not really post-iso ready just yet.

And we really do feel for her. Ain’t no way we’d be allowing our self-isolation selves on a tv show after all the snacking and lounging around that we’ve been doing!

“I was expecting them, they were going to be later in the year and they’re a lot sooner than I thought,” Jackie continued.


As for being unprepared, Jackie blames none other than Gary Vee for this one, after he told us last week that we shouldn’t be worried about how much we’re eating and how little we’re exercising in isolation.

“Bloody Gary Vee told me to just keep eating what I want because it’s lockdown and now the dates have been moved up,” Jackie revealed.

“What I need is 12 Camila kaftans and that’s all you’ll see me in is the kaftans… Everyone knows the kaftan trick.”

Of course there is a ray of hope for Jackie! Of course to be able to film they’ve got to be able to fly all of the guessing panel to Melbourne where filming will take place, meaning our travel restrictions intrastate will have to have eased in order for filming to start.

So nothing is really set in stone yet if this doesn’t happen when The Masked Singer producers clearly think it will.


There’s also the small issue with the fact that Lindsay Lohan, one of the celebs on the guessing panel, lives in freaking Dubai! How on earth is she going to fly into Australia to film?

So we reckon you’ve definitely got some time up your sleeve to prepare Jacks!

As for the rest of us, this is super exciting because we can’t WAIT for The Masked Singer to come back! Season one was so good and had us all guessing right until the very end so we can’t wait to see which celebs take part this season!

Hear Jackie’s big freak out in the podcast below!