How do you beat driving an ‘underwater car’ through a bottle shop and making national headlines?

Well, YouTube sensation Jackson O’Doherty thinks he might have the answer but it will take him the best part of a whole year to get it happening.

O’Doherty, who has more than 1.5m subscribers on YouTube, teamed up with Adelaide lads ‘RackaRacka’ for the underwater car stunt that saw them fill a car with water, start it up, and drive it around the streets of Adelaide before going through a drive-through bottle shop for a couple of Hahn Super Drys.

Next time it will be even more spectacular if O’Doherty follows through on the plans he revealed to Jodie and Soda on Mix 102.3 on Friday morning.

“I’m thinking about maybe getting a car again and trying to fly it,” he said. We presume he was being serious.

“Who knows when that’ll happen, it could be six months, it could be 12 months, but I’d like to do that. I reckon that’d be pretty fun.”


O’Doherty said he earns a professional wage purely from people watching his videos on YouTube, although he said it was important to be ‘family friendly’ when it comes to making money through ads.

“As long as it’s family friendly-ish content YouTube will automatically place adverts then every so many views you get paid per views,” he explained.

“Make-up artists have a really good rate because it’s such clean, G-rated content for females. But for guys to do pretty crazy stuff it’s a bit hit or miss sometimes. Not all of our stuff gets approved for ads.

“There’s enough money in it to live and to put into these projects (but) if you’re just in it for (the money) I don’t think it’s going to be sustainable. If you’re doing it to entertain people and make people laugh and smile then I think you’ll last a lot longer in the industry.”

WATCH: The stunt to end all stunts – underwater car drives through bottleo


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