With House Rules back for another season, we’re seeing a lot of Jamie Durie on our screens again (which is always welcome, to be honest).

Erin and Soda spoke with Jamie this morning to chat all things House Rules High Stakes, although they quickly got distracted by Jamie’s collection of quirky things in his house.

“I’ve got Drew Barrymore’s George Nelson lights in my lounge room, I’ve got Bob Hope’s Eames chair, I’ve got all sorts of stuff from quirky, weird and wonderful places. And it’s a lot of history, you know, I love talking pieces like that in the house,” Jamie told Erin and Soda.

But it was his connection with Oprah that got Erin and Soda most intrigued.

“We used to spend some time in her garden. She’s got 18 acres in Montecito and a lot of Australian natives, actually. So we used to stroll with the dogs through the garden and I’ve got some lovely photographs and memories from those days. It was the time of my life.”

Listen to the full chat with Jamie here:


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