jodie and soda will attempt to ride the ferris wheel at the garden of unearthly delights for 52 hours without sleeping, starting on wednesday morning.

It’s an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for ‘longest marathon on a fairground/theme park attraction’.

They’re hoping it will help raise money for Kerry’s Final Wish, which is to build a Cancer Wellness Centre at the Flinders Medical Centre, for everyone affected by cancer.


Can they actually do it?

However whether they can actually get through the 52 hours is still very unclear, with one of them sounding far more confident than the other.

“Listen, I will try,” Jodie said on Monday morning when questioned about whether she will be able to do it.


“I will give it my heart and soul because it’s a very worthy cause but I don’t back in my ability to stay awake for three days.”

“You’re a tough cookie,” Soda replied. “But staying on a ferris wheel for 52 hours, I give you zero chance.”

Soda however seems the better prospect of getting to the end, having already stayed awake for 24 hours last week as ‘training’ for the no-sleep marathon. He also rode the ferris wheel over the weekend with son Felix (pictured).

“People asked me over the weekend are you going to make it,” Jodie said. “I said I don’t back myself in but my co-host (Soda) is a lunatic and he is stubborn enough and stupid enough to try and make it all the way so yes, I back you in 100%.”


The video below shows the wheel in action over the weekend – as you’ll see not only is it pretty loud as it rattles around, it goes quite fast.

The video left many FOTS (friends of the show) in admiration of Jodie and Soda even attempting to ride it for so long.

Will they actually finish the marathon and claim a Guinness World Record? Find out from Wednesday!

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