Official independent witnesses will be present, cameras will be fixed on them the entire time, and they can NOT fall asleep.

These are the rules of Jodie and Soda’s Guinness World Record attempt on the ferris wheel at the Garden of Unearthly Delights.

— Jodie and Soda are officially attempting to break the Guinness World Record for ‘Longest Marathon On A Fairground/Theme Park Attraction’ separately so if they both complete the 52 hours they will be joint holders of the record, or if one of them is not able to complete the marathon attempt, the other could potentially continue and go into the record books alone.

— Jodie and Soda will earn one 5-minute rest break for every consistent hour they are on the ferris wheel. For example, if they are on the ferris wheel for 4 hours consistently then they are able to take a 20min rest break.

— Rest breaks are the only time Jodie and Soda are able to use the bathroom. 

— They must take their rest breaks at the same time.

Will Jodie and Soda finish the 52hr marathon? They discuss their chances here.


— They must be awake at all times when on the ride. 

— There must be video evidence of Jodie and Soda’s entire time on the ferris wheel to prove they did not fall asleep.

— They may consume food and drink while on the ferris wheel, but this must not disrupt the flow of the wheel.

— The ride is allowed to stop for up to four minutes after Jodie and Soda have sat on it moving at normal pace for a minimum of 60 seconds. Jodie and Soda are not allowed to get off during these stops.

First look at the Ferris Wheel Jodie and Soda will attempt to ride for 52 hours.

— If the Ferris Wheel was to break down then Jodie and Soda are allowed to transfer to the second ride “Cup and Sorcery”. Independent witnesses are to follow them immediately over to the ride and continue to observe at all times.


— If a transfer is required, then Jodie and Soda must use saved rest break time to move from one ride to the other.

Support Jodie and Soda’s Guinness World Record attempt by donating to Kerry’s Final Wish here.

PS: Keep in mind that Soda is required to be off the ferris wheel to read the news for 30mins on Wednesday night, so they’re going to need to bank up quite a bit of rest break time for him to do that.

Photo: Dean Martin, The Advertiser.

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