Sometimes in live radio, things don’t go to plan. In fact, sometimes, things don’t work out anything like you’d hoped. On Friday, that was us. Watch the video above.

Jodie Oddy was hypnotised through the majority of Friday morning’s Mix102.3 breakfast show – known as ‘The Hypno Show’ – thanks to the brilliant Isaac Lomman, who is performing at the Fringe Festival in Gluttony this weekend.

Through the morning, under Isaac’s ‘spell’, she yodelled, and roared like a dinosaur, she thought Tom Lynch was Ed Sheeran and she even forgot Soda’s name. It was amazing to watch and very funny.

Then it got to 8am, when it was time to showcase the other side of hypnotherapy – the side that is not about making people do funny things – but about helping people with behaviours.

Isaac has the ability to help people break bad habits like chewing fingernails or smoking, he can give people the opportunity to lose weight through changing their behaviours, and he can help people overcome phobias.

That is where Isaac, Soda and the Mix102.3 breakfast team thought they could help Jodie.

Jodie is petrified of snakes. But under hypnosis there was a very real opportunity for her to break her phobia.


BUT, unfortunately, Jodie saw a giant snake before Isaac had been able to bring her around to the idea of overcoming her fear. She wasn’t meant to meet the huge python until she had been made far more comfortable under hypnosis.

Her reaction was dramatic.

She let out a shriek of ‘noooo’ and threw her chair back when she saw it, repeating ‘no’ over and over. You can see in the video above how heavily she is breathing and she can barely get any words out.

“He cannot come in here,” she said. “I can’t touch the snake, I can not.”

“Sure?” Soda asked her.

Positive,” she replied.


Soda quickly threw to a song so they could work out what to do but it was evident there was no way they could ask Jodie to do something she was clearly so frightened of and so the snake was sent away.

After the song, Isaac and Soda were alone in the studio without Jodie, who was resting “in a trance-like state” away from the studio… and the snake.

“There is another side to hypnosis that I am super passionate about. And that is to make incredible changes in people’s lives,” Isaac explained.

“It has an incredible ability to help us grow as people.

“The conversation we were trying to have (to prepare Jodie to overcome her fear of snakes) got derailed by the sight of the snake and she isn’t willing to deal with it today and that’s fine.”

Soda explained how far they thought they could take the idea if it had gone to plan


“We were hoping she would have the snake around her neck… not going to happen,” Soda said.

Jodie was back on-air a few minutes later, having been brought completely out of her hypnosis, and said: “Yeah no, that was never going to happen, Isaac!”

We’ll have to find another way to help Jodie with her phobia.

Onto the next idea!

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