Already a mum to three girls, talk has now started about Jodie Oddy potentially having her first son when little ‘Basil’ is born in October.

Jodie announced she was pregnant – in dramatic circumstances – on Monday, telling her Mum Colleen and daughters Payton, 7, and Summer, 6, via the radio as they were being driven into the studio. Jodie’s 18-year-old daughter Taylor already knew the big news.

It didn’t take long for Colleen to admit that she was hoping for a boy.

“Well I have a really, really secret wish for Greg that this is a boy this time,” Jodie’s mum said.

Jodie’s husband Greg, who has been a professional ice hockey player and now also works at Mix102.3, seemed to make it clear that he’d love a son.  

“I’m pretty easy, I hope we get another girl… reverse psychology,” he said.

But if Colleen and Greg are looking for a son, they might have to convince the rest of the family.


Seven-year-old Payton made it clear she was hoping for another sister. She already has a girl’s name picked out – Ella – and said that if it was a boy, he would “fart”.

Even Jodie herself isn’t sure about a boy, even though she’s jokingly named her unborn baby ‘Basil’.

“I wouldn’t know what to do with a boy,” Jodie keeps saying. “I’d need the FOTS to help me out.”

Jodie said she had girl’s name left over from when Summer was born that she still loved but had “no idea” for boy’s names.

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