28-year-old Bek got a tattoo of Port Adelaide AFL coach Ken Hinkley on her calf, which has become a viral sensation across Facebook, and this morning she told Jodie and Soda why!

Watch the video above for Bek’s very entertaining EXPLANATION of her Ken tattoo.

Bek said she was “blown away” to see the popularity of the tattoo after it went viral across social media sites including ‘S**tAdelaide’ and ‘Nuffies On AFL Pages’.

Talking to Mix102.3 breakfast hosts Jodie and Soda on Tuesday morning, Bek revealed the tatt came about after she won a bet with the tattoo artist Daryl Jimmie.

“One of the guys at the studio is a massive Crows fan and we made a little friendly bet that the loser would have to get a tattoo of the other person’s team,” Bek said.

“We won by (finishing) 2.5% (higher) on the ladder so he currently has a Port Adelaide tattoo, sorry Daryl!

“He just asked if I wanted to get something while I was there. He figured it would be a bit of a fun bro tatt and we just bounced around a few ideas.


“I am not one that takes myself too seriously obviously so I was like ‘let’s just do a Bowie-style Ken Hinkley, why not’.

“It’s beautiful I think, a work of art.”

Jodie and Soda told her they had heard that Ken himself had seen the tattoo because the photo was getting ‘passed around’ at the club.


Bek captioned the photo of the tattoo on her Twitter account with: ‘I got a tattoo of my Lord and Saviour, Ken Hinkley’.

“It’s just a fun little joke,” she told Jodie and Soda. “I feel like he’s my dad because I just watch him all the time. I feel like he’s a good guy.”



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