South Australia will get a state-of-the-art Cancer Wellness Centre at flinders after Mix102.3 breakfast hosts Jodie and Soda raised the $200,000 required to make Kerry Briggs’ final wish a reality.

They started Friday morning’s breakfast show needing a further $70,000 (approximately) but some huge late donations meant they were able to announce it had been a success by 8:30am. 

The final donation that was needed to get to $200,000 came from the West End Community Fund. Jason sat next to Soda on the ferris wheel and announced they were topping up the $10,000 they had already donated to $50,000. 

It took our tally to $218,121.90.

By 9am it was up to $222,409.10.


Earlier in the morning, an anonymous tip of $20,000 also came through from someone who had lost their husband to cancer and wanted to make a difference for people who will experience what they did in the future.

This fundraising effort has touched our hearts since launching it three weeks ago.

In the first few days of the campaign, Jodie and Soda spoke to ten-year-old Alyssa who donated ALL the money she had in the world, $54.50.

Big donations have come through from Flinders Private Hospital, Drakes Supermarkets, Taylor and Holmes, Robern Menz, and Agile Group.

On Thursday, a big group of Adelaide business leaders were locked onto the ferris wheel and made to raise $5,000 before they could get off.


All that is left now is for Soda to complete the 52 hours awake on the ferris wheel and break a Guinness World Record. He’s due to finish at 11.17am this morning.

LIVE UPDATES here as Soda pushes towards the WORLD RECORD.

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