Soda admitted to leaving one-year-old Otis at home to go to the supermarket but he’s re-thinking his decision after hearing a horrifying story from a caller to Mix102.3 on Tuesday morning.

Jodie and Soda were posing the question: ‘At what age is it OK to leave your kids at home alone?’ when Susan from Flagstaff Hill called Mix102.3 to recount a personal experience that has us still shaking.

Susan had left her daughter home alone when she got the call that terrifies every parent.

“She was about 9 or 10, I was about two minutes away,” Susan told Jodie and Soda.

“The first phone call I got was ‘Mummy, there’s a man in the house and I’m scared’.

“I had given her the instructions ‘don’t answer the door’ so when she heard a knock she didn’t answer the door, so he broke into the side window, broke into the house, she got close enough to tell me later he was unshaven.


“I have never driven so fast in my life to get home.

“He took off like a bullet.

“She’s in her 20s (now), she’s fine, she coped with it better than I could because I knew what could’ve happened and she didn’t.”

Hear her tell it, and watch Jodie and Soda’s reactions to the story in the video above.

That was the second moment that left us with our jaws on the floor from that topic.

The first was when Soda admitted leaving his one-year-old son Otis home alone for 15-20 minutes.


“I’ve sort of ducked down the supermarket before when he was upstairs asleep during the day when he was probably one,” Soda admitted.

“I had to go. Mrs Soda had wanted to get some groceries and I forgot so before she got home he was asleep upstairs and I went you know what, I reckon (I can go).

“So I took the monitor with me but it ran out 100m away from the house

“Don’t tell her I did that.

“Is that ok though?”

Everyone around the studio was looking at him with mouths wide open, shaking their head.


No Soda, it’s not.

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