Jodie and Soda’s Secret Sound has a huge prize on the line – $25,000 cash, a brand new City Holden Astra, and tickets to all the big concerts in Adelaide

On Monday (25 March 2019), Jodie and Soda revealed the FULL sound for the first time.

Then they were connected to a lie detector and asked questions by our FOTS to help everyone get closer to the answer!

Now we’re going to share with you all the questions and Jodie and Soda’s exact answers. You can also see the incorrect guesses list here. The only thing you won’t find online is the sound. You’ll need to be listening to Mix102.3 for that!

There are nine chances to guess the sound every day – usually starting at about 7am, and playing once every hour with Jodie and Soda, and right across your work day with Michelle Murphy. The number to call is 8300 1023.

First up, one of our FOTS, Bev, asked these questions to Jodie

BEV: Do you make the sound?
JODIE: Do I personally make the sound? No. It’s not something that I use put it that way


BEV: Can you buy this thing that makes the sound?

BEV: How much does it cost?
JODIE: Over $2 but you wouldn’t pay more than $10 for it* 
Gavin, our polygraph examiner, said that question bothered Jodie a bit.

BEV: How big is the thing making the sound?
JODIE: I would say it’s smaller than a shoebox

BEV: Where would you likely hear this sound?
JODIE: You would hear it at home

BEV: Is it something I can hold in my hand?

BEV: How often would someone use it?
JODIE: That depends if it is to your liking.


BEV: When was the last time you used it?
JODIE: Not since I was a child.

BEV: Do you have it at home?
JODIE: No I do not.

Then Jamie asked questions of Soda…

JAMIE: Do you really know what the sound is?
SODA: Yes I do

JAMIE: Has anyone been close to it yet?

JAMIE: Have you told anyone the sound?
SODA: No* 
This was later proven with Gavin to be a lie!


JAMIE: Does a specific colour associate with this item?

JAMIE: How come there are a few parts to this sound?
SODA: Because there are a number of actions you have to do to make the sound

JAMIE: Have you ever changed the answer?
SODA: No we’ve never changed an answer if someone guessed correctly. We’re not scammers!