This week we got official word from Guinness themselves that Mark Soderstrom is a Guinness World Records™ title holder after his 52-hour ferris wheel marathon in February.

On Thursday morning Jodie surprised him with not only the presentation of the certificate but glitter cannons, custom t-shirts and cakes from Heidelberg Cakes.

But the real prize was the opportunity to lap up the adulation of the people of Adelaide.

“Every world record holder deserves a tickertape parade,” Jodie told him, as she led him outside to the magnificent Mustang convertible from Adelaide Mustang.

What followed was undoubtedly the worst tickertape parade ever seen in the city of Adelaide, and possibly the world.

It was 9.15am in the morning and most people were already in their office buildings, and the few people left on the streets were hurrying to get to work or buried in their phones.

People barely looked twice at the Mustang, let alone congratulated Soda on his achievement.


In fact, Jodie received more congratulations on the recent announcement of her pregnancy with her fourth child.

“Why don’t they care about the record mate, they just care about you and your four kids,” said Soda, a father of three.

“If I’d known that was the case I’d hit Mrs Soda up and we’d go for number four!”

But they still had a lot of fun. Watch the video above.

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