In February this year, Mix102.3 breakfast newsreader Maria Gaban returned to work following a significant cancer battle.

She shared her story with Jodie and Soda, and our FOTS, on that very emotional morning.

It broke many hearts as she recounted the trauma that had dominated her life since she lost her son Julius during birth in March 2017.

Maria has been reading the news most mornings on Mix102.3 since then, sharing the duties with Monique Crichton, as she continues to undergo chemotherapy.

This morning, Maria joined Jodie and Soda in the studio for an update of how she had been going. You can watch their whole conversation in the video above.

The good news was she had her last session of chemotherapy on Thursday.

“I had two therapies,” Maria explained. “I had eight weeks of some really hardcore stuff and then 12 weeks weekly which was the second part of my treatment so I was able to go back to work.


“It didn’t feel like treatment at all compared to what I had initially felt with that horrendous stuff – they call it the red devil.

“But I lost my hair early so there are other things going on that affect you as a person.”

She told Jodie and Soda this morning that treatment is not yet over as she will soon start radiotherapy, with a session every day for five weeks.

Amazingly, starting radiotherapy coincides with her shifting to full-time work.

“You are honestly a superhero, you’re amazing. Best of luck and we’re all here for you,“ Jodie told her.

“You are one tough cookie,” Soda said.


“Good on you guys, you’ve been a wonderful support and absolutely having that work family support is good,” Maria replied.

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