Jodie and Soda producer Thom Lion – also known as Aquaman – has been exposed for his lack of ‘man skills’ by the security cameras at Mix102.3 (and Jodie and Soda!)

After polygraph examiner Gavin came in to the studio on Monday to help authenticate Jodie and Soda’s Secret Sound clues, he ran into trouble when he went to leave.

His car’s battery was flat.

For some reason, he decided to go to Thom for help.

Watch the video above to see what happened next.

You can also read Thom’s account of what happened – as told to Jodie and Soda on Tuesday morning – below…

“He came to me, not realising the depth of my ineptitude when it comes to motor vehicles or helping in any way,” Thom started.


“He needed a jump start. I’ve heard of them so I thought I’d give it a go.

“So I get out there and I’m trying to open the bonnet, and this is my wife Jessica’s car but I couldn’t find the lever.

“He’s going ‘can’t you open the bonnet of your own car’, and I’m going ‘no’, and he said ‘I’ll get the lie detector back out because that is unbelievable’.

“So we’re fossicking around the front of the car and we’re quite close and intimate and we had spent too long in there so I needed to run out for help.

“So I go back into the building (at Mix102.3). Promotions department couldn’t help me.

“I end up asking your husband (Jodie) in Sales – everyone in Sales – and a big group of us get down there.


“It took about five men to get the job done.

“It was a weird one because what you had to do was use a key to unlock the bonnet and lift it.

“So in the end the lie detector guy figured it out himself and said you’ve just got to turn the key a little further mate and it’s done.”

Thom said it took probably half an hour to get it open. Jodie asked him to hand in his ‘Man Card’ because he clearly was no longer worthy of it.

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