Come on Adelaide tradies, we expect better than this, especially when you’re dealing with the vulnerable elderly members of our community.

We know the very large majority will do the right thing but the bad stories really do hurt the rest.

After hearing about 83-year-old grandmother Helen being on the receiving end of bill from a tradie that was double what it should have been, Jodie and Soda decided to step in and help out.

“I’m still trying to get over that one,” she told Jodie and Soda.

Helen had chosen her electrician from the local paper because the ad said they specialised in helping the elderly.

“He called me out at one stage to show me a couple of wires, well I have no idea what’s in that box so I got my credit card ready and then he came into the kitchen and told me how much,” Helen told Jodie and Soda.


“Instead of querying it, I went into shock. $700 went down the drain basically.”

What she didn’t know was that Bill Vis from VIP was on the phone to tell her they’d give her some free cleaning.

“Oh I don’t expect you to do it for free,” she replied.

“That would be so lovely.”

Then Jodie and Soda told her they hated the fact she felt like she’d been ripped off and that they’d be reimbursing her credit card for the $701.34 she was charged.

“Oh no, you can’t do that,” she said. “Oh goodness no, I’m just about in tears here. I never expected anything like that.


“Oh goodness me, now I’ve got to pick myself up off the floor. Oh dear oh dear I don’t know what to say.”