Is there any better way to mark your return from maternity leave than a heartfelt song written for those you’ve missed?

We don’t think so. Although if you don’t have anything super heartfelt to say then a parody of Lisa Loeb’s song Stay is the next best thing.

Jodie used her first show back this morning to share her song for Soda, which she described as “actually very generous and very kind.”

But we’re not sure if the song said “I missed you” or if it was just an opportunity to air some grievances!

Take a listen to the song and judge for yourself here:

“You’re selfish and you’re stubborn and you think that you’re never wrong, but I missed you,” we’re sure that’s not a back-handed compliment!

Jodie goes on to sing: “You say I only work when I want to, I don’t listen hard, I don’t pay attention to the crap that you’re talking to everyone, everywhere. Your footy stories, no one really cares.”


After all of that, she did have these earnest words to say to Soda: “I did miss you…a little bit,” which is probably as heartfelt as you’re going to get between these two.

(We know they secretly missed each other, though!)