Yesterday we found out that parents are holding kids parties at Kmart (with fun shopping challenges like find something starting with A).

We said: ‘Best idea ever’.

That was until this morning when Mix102.3 breakfast host Jodie Oddy had an even better idea.

Adult parties at Kmart!

“I want to flip this thing on its head and hold an adults party there for the mums,” Jodie said.

Watch the video above as Kmart-lover Jodie Oddy runs through her plans for an actual adult Kmart party with the FOTS.

“Instead of the self-checkouts which are in the middle, I am going to transfer that into a wine self-serve station, that’s where all the ladies assemble.


“There’s a cheese table and a chocolate table and instead of $25 like the kids, you get $250 to spend in Kmart!

“We’re going to collect enough of those $3 pure 24 karat gold facemasks. They’re pure gold, you put them on, we’re fancy like that.

“All the ladies are now going to visit the toy section because we all know there are a lot of hidden treasures in the toy section that I’ve told you about. We’ve spoken about the squishy banana toy. We’ll spend some quality time in there just to see what we can find

“The party has not finished,” Jodie said, getting super excited.

“Then we go to the homewares section, we collect some rugs, pillows cushions, into the camping get some mattresses, blow them up and you know what we’re going to mate, we’re going to grab some sleepwear and have some nap.

“We’re going to have a two-hour nap at my Kmart party!”


Jodie, is a self-confessed Kmart-lover, going there at least twice a week with her 6 and 7-year-old daughters.

But she has no permission to run this party or even any contact with anyone from Kmart!

Let’s see what happens… if there’s enough support, maybe it will actually go ahead.

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