Mix102.3 breakfast host Jodie Oddy has new glasses but Soda has told her they are too old fashioned for her. In fact, he’s compared them to Mrs Doubtfire!

Watch the video above as Soda builds Jodie up as a ‘style icon for our FOTS’ then tells her what he really thinks of her glasses.

“Mate, they look like Nanna’s glasses! They’re too old for you those glasses,” Soda told Jodie.

“Jodes, you’re wearing Mrs Doubtfire’s glasses.

“You need to take them back. Go with something a little funkier, you’re not doing yourself justice.”

Digi Dan joined in, knocking together a Jodie version of the Mrs Doubtfire DVD cover, and Soda decided it needed to go on Facebook to get the opinions of the FOTS!


Suits her face…the colour looks lovely with her skin and hair colour…sorry Soda I like them,” wrote Joanne Redding.

Leah Parsons said they’re in fashion: “These glasses must be the in style now coz I see so many people wearing these Nanna glasses!” while Tom Brooks was really taken by them: “They make you look hotter 😉😉😉
Your husband is a lucky man” he wrote.

Caryn Walsh was more on Soda’s side: “Not quite Mrs D, but not the most flattering pair. As an SA style icon, you have a responsibility Jodie. 😀 Love the show as always.”

Um I really wish I didn’t agree with Soda on this one, sorry Jodie xx” wrote Nicole Ireland.


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