Jodie and Soda producer Thom Lion put together this parody song for Jodie Oddy who announced she’s pregnant with her fourth child this week.

It’s to the tune of the Britney Spears classic ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’.

Jodie took everyone (except Soda) by surprise this week when she announced she was pregnant with her fourth child. She even made the announcement to her mum via the radio.

It was meant to make her laugh, but as you’ll see in the video above, she cried instead (“it’s the hormones”)!

Jodie’s due in October.


Oh baby, baby, you’re up the duff now Jodes
She’s hungry all the time, yeah
Be kind to her if she needs to spew mid-show
I’m not sure if you planned this
Jodie, do you need to go sleep
Replace your husband with an L-shaped pillow just because


Don’t give her stress, vitamin b (you can cry)
And please accept she’s quite hungry (still hungry)
Your body clock has gone back in time
Give her a pie
She’s having a baby one more time

I must confess that your pregnant-ness caught us by surprise
You’re a great mum already
But if you need to pee, just give us a sign
She’s having a baby one more time