Jodie Oddy was sickened by racist comments she overheard at her local Coles supermarket on Monday and decided to challenge the perpetrator directly.

Jodie told the story of the encounter on-air with co-host Soda on Mix102.3 on Tuesday morning, which you can watch in the video above.

“It was the worst display of racism I have ever witnessed in my whole life,” Jodie said.

“If I had have pulled out my phone and videoed this guy it would have been all over the news, it was that bad.”

The incident started when Jodie, who was there with her two young daughters, saw a Chinese lady speaking to a man who was eating grapes in the fruit and veg section of the supermarket.

“He was helping himself, eating them… as an entrée,” Jodie said.

“She said to him ‘You pay for those, you don’t eat them before, you pay for them first’.”


Jodie said the woman had said it in a ‘good natured’ fashion.

“He’s turned round and replied to her… and it makes me feel sick what he said to her… ‘don’t come over to my bleeping country and tell me what to do’.

“I gasped and gone ‘Oh God’.

“I’ve got my kids there and I’m like is it going to erupt.

“He’s backed it up and said ‘why don’t you go back to your own country on the boat you came over on’.

Jodie said it was at that point she snapped and decided she had to say something to him. The exchange went like this…


JODIE: Mate, that’s a bit racist

RACIST: She can’t come over here and tell me what to f***ing do.

JODIE: You were stealing grapes, I don’t know where her ethnicity comes into it.

Jodie walked away at that point but that wasn’t quite the end of it.

“Then I saw him five minutes later at the checkout being lovely as pie to the blonde, good-looking, check out chick and I thought ‘why are you nice to her and you’ve just ripped into this woman’,” Jodie said.

“The worst thing was I looked to this guy’s right and there was a young Chinese girl who would have been no more than ten and she was absorbing this whole conversation.”


Soda told her she had done the right thing by confronting the grape-eating racist and “you have to intervene in those situations… otherwise we won’t see the people with that sort of behaviour make changes”.

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