Mix102.3 breakfast host Jodie Oddy has delivered a passionate response to the news that Australian girls are quitting sport at an alarming rate.

A new study revealed this week that one in every two Australian girls are quitting sport by the age of 15, compared to just 30 per cent of boys.

Speaking on Mix102.3 on Thursday morning, Jodie told co-host Soda she believed adults, the government, and social media had a lot to answer for.

WATCH the video above to see Jodie’s passionate speech about the importance of girls’ sport to mental health and how we need to change as a society.

“They’re quitting because they don’t feel like they’re good enough. They feel that pressure to be perfect,” she said.

“I feel like as adults it’s our fault because we are bombarding these girls with images every single day in the media and online of absolute perfection

“So we photoshop, we facetune, we do everything in our power to present images of women who are perfect and unattainable.


“Social media now celebrates looks over brains, over sense of humour over kindness above all else.

“As mums, aunties, sisters we put the highlights reel of our lives online.

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She said the government tried to encourage girls to play sport recently by using social media influencers to promote activity but “every single influencer was young, attractive, and usually blonde… so what message does that send?”

Jodie said the happiest times of her teenage years were when she was playing netball.

“Sport for me, playing netball for an hour a week was the only time growing up I didn’t think about anything else but the job at hand,” Jodie said.


“I was rubbish at it but l loved it and I loved being part of a team and a group and the confidence that brings.

“Improving our mental health needs to be the priority not getting bikini ready for the next series of Insta pics.”

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