Mix102.3 breakfast host Jodie Oddy has explained the reasons why she is quitting social media in the wake of the Tayla Harris online sexual harassment scandal.

Despite her many years of radio and television work, Jodie has never had public social media accounts, choosing to maintain private accounts on Facebook and Instagram, but she has seen more than enough to bother her.

“My Instagram and Facebook are closed, they’re private and there is a reason for that,” she explained during the Mix102.3 breakfast show on Thursday morning.

“I don’t want to be trolled, it’s hurtful, I know what my heart and my head can handle and I don’t like it.”

Co-host Soda was supportive but felt differently about the negativity the two of them sometimes receive.

“We get a bit of trolling on our Facebook page and that’s part and parcel of being in the public,” he said.

“Is it though?” Jodie replied. “Do human beings, ever under any circumstances, have the right to make another human being feel crap?”


Despite all that, Jodie singled out three other reasons that were primarily behind her choice to remove herself entirely from all platforms, saying she had “thought through this long and hard”.

We’ve written the reasons in Jodie’s own words…

REASON 1 – Dishonest Instagram models flogging products

I’m getting really sick of people who are dishonest on Instagram like flogging products under the guise of something else. Grown women in bikinis talking about stuff completely unrelated to the fact that they’re standing there in their bikini.

Someone said the other day ‘I spotted some whales today’ and it was just a shot of her in a bikini and I was like what, well I can see a couple of humpbacks but what?!

They’re also eliciting comments like ‘your hair looks so great, your clothes are so great and getting hot emojis, and is that how we’re getting our self-esteem now? It’s got nothing to do with being kind to other humans, it’s got nothing to do with being thoughtful or funny or intelligent, it’s all about what people look like.


REASON 2 – Everyone is pretending they’re having fun

No-one is posting real life stuff. Everyone is so busy trying to look like they’re having a good time that no-one’s having a good time.

You go out to a bar or the pub or the beach or whatever and everyone’s taking photos like ‘heeey I’m at the beach, look how great this is’ and they’re not even interacting with the people around you, let alone your kids.

REASON 3 – I’m not as ‘present’ with my family

I’m finding it makes me not present. With my kids or my husband. You spend 30 minutes scrolling through Instagram or Facebook or Twitter and it’s like you haven’t even been in the room. The younger generation sit there at the dinner table with their phones.

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