Jodie reveals the recent #MeToo campaign has led her to come out and speak about her own experiences with sexual assault and advances of men as thousands of women share stories of sexual harassment online.

“I think the major problem with it all I thought somehow this is my fault – like I did something or I brought it on myself…even now as a 41-year-old grown ass woman I always think I ask for it”

Jodie decided it was time to call out on the men who have led her to speak out #MeToo. 

 “So to the family friend who tried it on when I was a little girl and betrayed everyone’s trust around me then #MeToo”

“To the teenage boyfriend who was verbally abusive dragged me out of his car and pinned me up against a wall and had his fist up to punch me in the face #MeToo”

“To the media guy who systematically bullied female employees, I partially liked the day he called me a whore in front of all staff then #MeToo that’s one for you buddy”

“And finally to the media man who scared the life out of me when he pinned me down and tried to kiss me against my will #MeToo”


Jodie indicated that she hopes by speaking about her own experiences it will lead to a change and that her daughters will never be in this situation in the future.

“I don’t want to share this stuff then I thought about my daughters and I thought I’m in a position to have a voice to say I never ever in my life want them to have to sit in front of a computer screen and write #MeToo”

“We need the voice of good people to come out and say this is NOT OK!”

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