Tennis champion Andre Agassi spoke to Jodie & Soda from Las Vegas this morning about his return to Adelaide for the World Tennis Challenge at Memorial Drive in January 2018.

Agassi reminisced on the 20 years since he played in the Adelaide International, when he was famously beaten by a then-16-year-old Hewitt in the semi-final.

“I’m really looking forward to being back to old familiar stomping ground and certainly a place I’m very fond of with a kind audience,” he said. “Let’s see if I can bring a little enjoyment to everybody.

“One of two things were true that day: Either I was a shadow of myself or he was going to be the next great player in the world.

“Thank goodness the later was the case!”

Agassi also said that he will never forget seeing a young Hewitt before the match, not knowing then what an impact he would make on the tennis world.

“My strongest memory of playing him was honestly before the match, I was watching him in the locker room as he was putting on this pair of Nike shorts and he was pinching them on the side and putting a safety pin through them so they would fit around him,” he remembered.


“He proved me wrong that day and I will never forget the competitor he was. He went on to obviously prove that to the world!”

Andre Agassi finished his career having won the Australian Open four times, the US Open twice, the French Open and Wimbledon.

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