Donations – big, small and one very large – have started coming in as Jodie and Soda try to make Kerry’s Final Wish a reality.

On Monday the Mix102.3 breakfast hosts announced they were taking on their biggest rescue ever by trying to raise $200,000 for the Flinders Foundation to complete their fundraising for a Cancer Wellness Centre.

Seven people are diagnosed with cancer every day at Flinders and right now are left with a voucher for the cafeteria for them to digest the news.

Jodie and Soda say that is not good enough and want to implement Kerry’s vision before she passed away to have a state-of-the-art place that looked after the general wellbeing of cancer patients at diagnosis, during their treatment and after their treatment.

Fundraising for that project is $200,000 short of the target.

Enter Jodie, Soda and the FOTS (friends of the show).


Donations have been coming in through the official donation link online, as well as pledges over the phone to Jodie and Soda. Erica from Basket Range who had experienced cancer through both her son and daughter in law, started things by donating $100. Simon from Hillcrest donated $100, Tia from Northgate donated $50 having lost her mum to a rare form of cancer, and then Megan from Gulfview Heights donated the $190 she had raised from collecting bottles with her kids.

Jodie and Soda were blown away when Suzanne from One Tree Hill, who is a Community Nurse working in palliative care, donated $500. “Nurses do not get paid nearly enough so for you to ring and contribute that is incredible,” Jodie told her.

Then the businesses started to call. Steve from Oracle Cleaning donated $300 and Danielle from DMC Tax in Mawson Lakes donated $500.

Then we heard from Jason Bailey, the boss of the West End Brewery.

He told us about the West End Community Fund, which has been going for 15 years, donating to the South Australian community to improve the lives of South Australians. All the money raised from the water fountain out the front of the brewery goes towards the Community Fund so you’ve ever donated money when getting water from the West End Brewery then this one is a donation from you as well!

“To get this fundraiser off to a strong start, we’re going to kick in $10,000,” Jason announced.


“The West End Community Fund is really excited to be a part of this project and I do put it out there to other SA businesses to dig deep and give to this fantastic cause so we can get this Wellness Centre opened as soon as possible.”


Soda told him that a donation of that magnitude would earn the West End Brewery its own carriage on the ferris wheel in the Garden of Unearthly Delights that Jodie and Soda intend to ride for 52 hours without sleeping to help raise the money needed to fulfil Kerry’s final wish.

“Any other business that wants to get on board and make a big donation like that, we will give a carriage (on the ferris wheel), brand it up and we will give you an advertising package on air,” Soda announced.

Sounds like a good deal to us!