Jodie & Soda heard the story of 8-year-old Alex who, in 2012, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour and unfortunately lost his sight. 

Dad Phil said it was a visit to their doctor and a referral to Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital where they found out the news that change their lives forever.

“They said Alex had a lesion on his brain and it’s a large one! It’s about the size of a man’s fist and that’s in all likelihood that’s why he’s lost his vision is the pressure from a tumour that size is immense!”

But things are looking up for Alex and the family.

“The Chemotherapy and radiation therapy has stunted his growth he is very little for his age but he has started growing again and the results of his last MRI, upshot is that there’s no technical change on the legions they are monitoring so for a physical tumour that is the best possible scenario”

Phil has been overwhelmed by the generosity of Mix1023 listeners who heard Alex’s story and wanted to him and the family.

As he read a card from Monica & Brad who sent in a $500 donation, he became quite emotional.


“I don’t even know what to say…wow! Thank you so much.  I don’t know what else to say”