Tight Tony the boss has only told one person what the Secret Sound is and that’s the Premier, Steven Marshall.

With $25,000 up for grabs, and more than 100 incorrect guesses already, Jodie and Soda decided it was time to narrow down the possibilities and get some clues.

So they got Steven Marshall on the phone, and Tight Tony on the microphone and hit them with questions.

We got NINE CLUES out of the conversation (listed below) but it’s worth watching the video above to see if you make the same conclusions we did or if there’s anything extra you can pick up on.

1) The object makes the sound but you have to do something to make the sound.

2) It’s not a mechanical device

3) You’re more likely to find this sound around your home.


4) It’s more likely to be heard indoors than outdoors.

5) It’s made of three parts but only two make the sound

6) One of the materials that make the sound is a metallic sort of product

7) There’s no liquid involved in the sound

8) You could buy the item

9) It doesn’t come in a packet


Before you draw any conclusions, make sure you check the list of incorrect guesses to make sure it hasn’t already been guessed.